Are you tired of washing your hard earned money down the drain with that chain store-bought soap? But how else are you to get that ever so loved foam soap that smells so good? Well why not try a built in soap dispenser? Foaming Soap Dispenser

The built in foaming soap dispenser made by Kitchen-Classics is a full 17 ounce bottle, made of quality stainless steel, and quickly and easily installed. With a foaming dispenser you’ll be well on your way to, not only saving loads of money, but reaping many other benefits as well. The advantages of a built in soap dispenser are plentiful but, before you take the plunge, let’s take a look at some good reasons why you should.

Save Money: All those plastic soap bottles add up quick, as does the money spent buying them. Yes, the foam soap in those bottles smell incredible, but they are so small… and before you know it, you are back at the grocery store, checking it off the list. The number one benefit of a built in dispenser is that you save money by not having to purchase mass amounts of bottled soap.

Reduce Plastic Waste: Aside from saving money, soap dispensers are a great way to do your part for the earth. Built in Soap Dispensers can eliminate up to 75% of plastic waste.

Lasts for Years: Little soap bottles run out AND, yes, even break. The little nozzle becomes clogged or doesn’t pump right. Why waste your money on that? With the Built in dispenser you receive a free Five Year Replacement Guarantee. Your soap dispenser will continue to benefit your family for years to come.

Cleaner and more visibly appealing: A built in soap dispenser looks so much nicer than the average foam soap bottle. Not to mention that it is far cleaner. With the foaming dispenser you don’t have a messy bottle breeding bacteria on your counter. A stainless steel pump built in to match your sink is just, all around, more appealing than some old plastic bottle.

Multi-Functional: A built in dispenser can be used for different purposes. Maybe you absolutely love your Bath and Body hand soap, but simply hate that unattractive bottle of dish soap brooding, slimy and wet, next to your kitchen sink? Well good news! The built in foaming soap dispenser works just as great for foam dish soap.

Just as desirable: Of course we love that soft, moisturizing, delicious smelling soap; but the expensively monotonous little plastic bottles… not so much. That’s why we offer 100% natural organic foaming soap. It smells exquisite, softens, and moisturizes with earth’s natural oils and minerals. Also, there are plenty of other natural, great smelling foam soaps available for the foaming dispenser.

Once you’ve had the pleasures of using a built in foaming soap dispenser, you’ll see… and feel all it has to offer. Before you know it you’ll be wistfully saying goodbye to the days of store bought foam soap; and with all the benefits, you’ll never even miss those old plastic bottles.